Music, streaming videos, sports, TikTok dances, memes: This is where we go when we want our attention grabbed, our tear ducts jerked, our hunger for novelty fed, or just to see images of Nicolas Cage Photoshopped as every character from Twilight. You’ve got binge-worthy content, and we can help recruit brand partners, account executives, audience development experts, yield managers, integrated marketers, and digital media executives to help you monetize it. Whatever enchanting silk you use to spin your cocoon when you just can’t with people right now, we probably helped weave it. Looking to hire exceptional digital talent? Let's chat!


You know that feeling when you just think of the “perfect navy blue romper” and then, all of a sudden, your Instagram is flooded with ads for the “perfect navy blue romper”? You’re welcome. We work with the internet technology companies that power basically anything we touch on the internet, from algorithms, to marketing clouds, to an exponentially-evolving intelligence with the voice of Scarlett Johansson — all the ways tech is making everyone's life easier. We’ll recruit and build your Product Management, Product Marketing, Sales Engineering, and Analytics teams with the MBAs, PhDs and Computer Science degrees you need. Looking to recruit insanely smart ad tech talent? Let's chat!

Esports & Sportsbooks

Does watching Golden Buzzer moments on America's Got Talent leave you cold, but watching Ninja on Fortnite or betting the spread on the Patriots give you goosebumps? Then you're probably part of the Esports or Sports Betting and gaming culture that is now a multi-billion dollar industry with leagues to rival the most rabidly loyal sports teams. This confluence of digital marketing, content creation, Influencers, and gaming makes for a treasure trove of branding and rapid growth opportunities. We’ve built some of the top Esports, gaming, betting, & sportsbook companies in the country. Recruiting for your E-Sports League or Sportsbook Platform? Let's chat!

DTC & E-commerce

Remember when we had to use COVID-19 covered green paper to buy stuff we didn’t really like from some store at the mall? Today, the disruptive DTC companies we work with are changing the way we shop, offering super-sleak streamlined consumer experiences, and giving rise to an era of unprecedented specialization. With hyper-targeted products serviced by algorithms that plumb the depths of your soul, shopping has become a stay-at-home masterclass in self-reinvention. The DTC space is more crowded than ever. You’ll need the best Marketing, Analytics and Data Science teams to rise to the top. We’ve been building major DTC brands since the very beginning, all the way back when Warby Parker enacted 2nd degree manslaughter on Luxottica. Looking to recruit for your DTC brand? Let's chat!


The world is on fire, anxiety is rampant, and mental health beckons in the distance. Luckily, the dispensary is the new Apple Store, and Cannabis/CBD is the new CPG. Legalization has caused a stunning bloom in companies serving the cannabis industry, from smart IoT grow-houses to strain-recommending algorithms to digital cannabis advertising. These companies need to scale just like the e-commerce and tech predecessors they’re outpacing. We know how to successfully help you hire the team that will elevate your company to Unicorn status. Want to build the best team in Cannabis? Let's chat!



We work with high-growth, disruptive companies. The outsiders, visionaries, future-builders, and market-makers. Our clients are meeting needs we didn’t know we had yet, taking the light of a new idea and turning it into a window that remakes our world.